The Naturipe Berry Growers (NBG) Scholarship Award Program was organized to give financial aid to students with a desire to further their educational career goals or pursue a career in the agricultural industry. 

Scholarships are awarded annually to the children of our grower’s farm workers and children of NBG employees in each major strawberry growing region of California (Watsonville, Salinas, Santa Maria, Irvine, and Oxnard) and Florida.

Who is Eligible?
Children of strawberry farm workers who are currently working for a NBG grower or children of NBG employees, and are pursuing a career in the agricultural industry. Students must graduate from high school and be a resident of CA or FL. Growers and their families, officers of NBG or NBG Board of Directors and their families are not eligible.

Applications are accepted each year between January 1 and March 1 and must be accompanied
by the following applicable items:
• Two letters of recommendation dated within the last three months
• Parents employment verification
• Application, filled out completely, signed and dated
• Must be a resident of CA or FL
• Must graduate from High School
• Must enroll in a junior college or 4-year college