Social Responsibility

This statement sets forth the Social Responsibility Policy standards for the production and distribution of Naturipe Berry Growers, Inc. (NBG) products.

NBG Social Responsibility Policies insure that:
1) NBG provides consumers a healthy, enjoyable eating experience.
2) Employees enjoy a work environment that allows them to achieve their full potential; and
3) NBG pledges to operate in a legal, ethical and socially responsible manner.

We pledge the following:

·         To our employees, our industry, our customers, and our communities that fruit marketed on behalf of NBG will be grown, harvested, processed, and delivered in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, including not by way of limitation, all laws, rules and regulations regarding employee safety, food safety and security, the use, application and storage of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, food processing, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Occupation Safety and Health Act, The Environmental Protection Act, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, and any other applicable laws.

·         We will be in compliance with all provisions of the agreements in place between NBG and its growers, including all applicable written policies, procedures; and with provisions of the written agreements in place between NBG and our partners and their customers.

·         NBG and each of its growers will treat all employees throughout its supply chain with respect and fairness, providing safe and healthy workplaces, appropriate worker training, and specifically prohibiting illegal child labor and other abusive practices.

·         To exhibit ethical behavior in all business activities, demonstrating integrity, and encouraging trust amongst and between our growers, customers, vendors, employees, and communities.

·         Auditing and monitoring of our practices to ensure compliance with the above; including provisions for the right to access both  NBG and grower records, fields, and facilities for agreed upon announced and unannounced inspections by NBG, its partners and its customers.

·         That NBG and each of our growers and employees annually re-affirm, in writing, their understanding of the above commitments.

And finally, we pledge:

Accountability to our grower community and employees. NBG commits to its growers to maintain appropriate confidentiality, ensure its employees understand those requirements, and provide adequate disclosures to growers when individual identifying data is released to customers or regulatory agencies. Disclosure of confidential data is provided only under the direction of NBG’s CEO.